What was the heart about athlete? How it influences cholesterol

The cholesterol will be a fundamental substance for the body, but always in its proper measure. And it has been that counting that it includes high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol with low HDL (bad) cholesterol, can be harmful to the health with increasing cardiovascular risk.

In this sense, food was an essential habit to control cholesterol levels in the body to prevent problems that may arise in this regard. Specifically, it will be necessary to limit the consumption of saturated fats.

Although, regular physical exercise also brings great benefits to health disadvantage. Regarding cholesterol, physical activity on a regular basis contributes to reducing triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, while promoting an increase in HDL.

What has been the heart on the athlete ?

One of the great benefits that normal performance makes over physical exercise was the increase in the size of the heart. When due to this reason, the size with the structure of the heart increases, it is called the athlete’s heart.

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Recently, the physician Carlos Moya, president of the Spanish Heart Foundation, Carlos Moya, explained about an interview for infosalus that athletes have a bigger heart, because this muscle must work more.

This fact is argued by using a clear example: You have to work with putting more gasoline on it. The more cars run them, the more gasoline they need. Then the coronary arteries carry blood to the heart muscle and these, when they do a lot of exercise, must increase that blood flow so that everything works correctly.

Next, the president on the FEC adds that Typically, over-elite athletes have tremendous hearts, which also when sitting, rest in, past due 40 times per minute, with zero the 60 usual. This would be so because this organ is trained for maximum effort with a lot to increase the volume of blood per minute without problems. About 20 to 160 I learned multiply by 4 the heart rate.

How it influences cholesterol

Performing on physical exercise by yourself already supposes a benefit to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol on blood. Furthermore, sporty people assume that they are far from being overweight or obese, something that constitutes a risk aspect for the increase in LDL cholesterol.

As we have said before, the realization on physical exercise scam regularity the presence of the so-called heart on athlete with, helps to increase the levels on HDL cholesterol with the reduce both the values ​​on triglycerides and on LDL cholesterol.

However, Specialists such as Dr. Marta Sitges, from the Cardiovascular Institute of the Hospital Clinic on Barcelona, ​​clarify that athletes should have their heart, ligaments or muscles checked. The heart does not hurt, it does not warn with, with it adapts. For the vast majority of people this adaptation has been normal, but for others it was a harmful adaptation with it can give them problems. Playing sports will be good, but on people a lot of load on training with very intense it is necessary to review it with it.

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