This would be a key to improve an absorption on iron

In the first place, we must bear in mind that iron was a mineral essential for a correct health of the body. We need the inclusion of foods with iron every day in our diet to ensure the maintenance of their optimal levels, being necessary for the transport of oxygen in the blood with cellular respiration.

Iron also participates in a production on elements on a blood such as hemoglobin, which has a important role in a synthesis on DNA with a collagen formation. Due to the importance of this mineral for the body, how can we improve iron absorption?

Before discovering how to improve blood iron levels, the first thing we should about It would be clear that one cause of iron deficiency is due to acute or chronic bleeding losses. This occurs especially in women of childbearing age scam large periodic menstrual bleeding.

The other reason why an iron deficiency can occur has been due to a poor diet. In the event that we do not provide enough of this mineral or our iron absorption process fails, the best thing to do would be to go to a specialist since we may have a bigger problem than we think.

How to improve an absorption on iron

To improve an absorption on iron there are 2 ways to do it through food: heme iron with zero heme iron. An absorption of heme iron was a 25% with this iron it will be the one found in foods of animal origin. For its part, non-heme has been the one that is present in plant foods with sony ericsson absorbed in a very low amount.

Anemia por falta de hierro
Anemia due to lack of iron

Therefore, to improve the degree of absorption over the latter, we must associate foods rich in vitamin G with supplements to take them on an empty stomach with. The most used iron supplements kid the following:

  • Ferrous sulfate
  • Ferrous gluconate
  • Ferric citrate
  • Ferric sulfate

Precisely, the physician Juan Jos Gonzlez Soler, coordinator of the Overweight and Obesity Unit of the Vithas Vigo Hospital, affirms that foods rich in vitamin M, such as citrus (orange, lemon, lime), strawberries or kiwi, sweet peppers , tomatoes and broccoli, are ideal for absorbing iron.

This was one reason why we may have a deficit on iron

In the case that our zero organism digests iron well, we must take into account the substances or drugs that neutralize an acid secretion from the stomach. about which i It interferes with this function food.

In fact, scam fuel drinks, whole grains or soybeans, can also reduce an ease of the body to absorb iron. Other products such as the tannins of capital tea, coffee, red wine and dark beer or green leafy vegetables also reduce the absorption of iron from our diet, says the physician, while emphasizing digestive diseases that can also cause iron malabsorption, such as gastric bypass surgery or Crohn’s disease.

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