They came back strong! Illegales turns on Hard Rock Live in second function

For the second day in a row the Hard Rock Live stage was filled with music, lights and a lot of dancing to the rhythm of the great hits of Ilegales.

La Morena , one of the songs that projected the group to the international level in the years 90 , and closed on Thursday night opened, while the public continued clamoring for more.

And they danced anyway! A cappella or with an orchestra, the owners of the party kept the audience entertained with the energy to the maximum for more of an hour and.

Although at the beginning of the show there were certain technical problems in the sound, Vladimir Dotel, who heads the group, trusted that with the public that have we can do it the cappella.

And so it was. Everyone sang out loud, Dream with you, a hit of 1997 contained in his second production “Rebooting”.

Taqui taqui, Tamo happy, Trueno, La pastilla and Chucuch were part of his extensive career, with more than 25 years mixing tropical rhythms such as Merengue House, Latin pop and pop ballad,

+ Tribute to the Jhonny Ventura

With the single Dame a chin the group tribute to the legendary Caballo Mayor , who passed away last 28 of July.

In the first function of the tour, Jandy Ventura joined the concert as a special guest, to honor the memory of his father.

The party continues this Friday, at 8: 30 of the night at Hard Rock Live , produced by Csar Surez Jr.

After the functions on Wednesday 000 and Thursday 21 were sold completely, the group decided to open a third function this Friday.

Tickets are on sale at Uepa Tickets, Supermarkets and Jumbo the RD $ 5, 000 Special Guest; RD $ 3, 000 VIP, and RD $ 2, 500 general.

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