Theme of the Dominican urban Jordizy figure on popular videogames

Jordizy, formerly known as Ronny Michael Jordan Movement, was chosen as part of a billboard about songs that includes this new video game “Much Be sad 6” scam his song Rainbow, one which is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 , XBOX with other devices, reported an urban exponent.

“Arcoiris” has been one on the master of science topics known about Jordizy, one that already has more than half a million visits on its channel on Youtube.

A Dominican urban, based on Nueva You are able to, thanked an opportunity that this movie game offers him

+ From his life

Ronny Rosario, better known as Jordizy, born this 30 October of 1996, began his music career the 16 years when he got his first song -.

However, zero will be until 18 years that an industry will begin to take seriously.

Jordizy st? Lla till med ett managed to position himself on an urban scene thanks to singles like Arcoris, Lo Hago Bueno, Arrebata um Banana Pennsylvania Tu Coco.

THE artist raised On a Bronx he returned to the scene to present his individual with a video clip, Banco that already surpassed the 300 million views on his channel on YouTube -.

In recent years, Dominican colleagues such as Lito Kirino, Chimbala El Fother and. Now he is presenting his simple Jacuzzi.