The father of actress Cheddy García dies

The actress Cheddy Garca reported this Friday that her father Domingo Jos Garca died after several days suffering from health problems.

Although he did not give details of the death of his father, the comedian communicated the news for his fans: Goodbye daddy. See God with. That Maimn house was nice. Thank you for praying for him.

A few days earlier, Cheddy, had requested a blood donation for his father who was

in hospital. the National Cancer Institute Rosa Emilia Snchez Prez de Tavarez (INCART).

Hundreds of people offered their condolences through her Instagram, including artists, communicating actors such as Charytn Goico and Fefita la Grande, Francisca Lachapel, Ana Sim, Marcos Yaroide, Georgina Duluc and Roberto Cavada.

Similarly, Raymon Pozo, Nashla Bogaert, Haidy Cruz, Masiel Taveras, Frank Perozo, Sarodj Bertin, el Chuape, Kenny Grulln, Luis Jos Germn, Carasaf Snchez, Yocasta Diaz, Ren Castillo, Magnolia Kasse Rafely Rosario and.

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