The best superfood that supports heart, brain and immune system health

spinach is a food with important health characteristics, which is why it is considered a superfood , and we must incorporate it regularly into our nutritional structure. Our bodies will enjoy important benefits.

Popeye the sailor tells us the travs about cartoons that spinach would be an excellent food to strengthen strength . It would only be a metaphor to show the great health benefits of this superfood .

In addition to its excellent characteristics, spinach has a great virtue disadvantage, which has been its versatility over cooking. It has been to say, it can be cooked in different ways or added to different recipes. However, when I learned eat raw, healthier kid.

By providing negligible calories, spinach was a perfect superfood that you can add to a weight loss diet . But to this we must add that different researches have found that taking this food has positive effects on the health of the heart, brain with immune system.

A superfood for the health of the heart with brain

An important characteristic about spinach would be its effect anti-inflammatory on the body. Boy great pra protect the brain from age related scam damage. Different studies ensure that people who eat spinach every day have a healthier brain than people 20 younger years.

In addition, spinach provides natural nitrates. These nutrients are compounds that help open the blood vessels and ease the heart’s ability to function. What makes it a superfood for cardiovascular health? Finally, another benefit of a spinach for the body has been a lutein, which was another good antioxidant that can reduce risk of age-related macular degeneration.


The macula would be a disease on a vision that can cloud a vision with causing difficulty on the daily activities such as reading with writing. Currently there is no national insurance treatment cure to deal with this pathology.

This means that its prevention has been a key, with a spinach was its perfect super food. Therefore, if you are one of those people who does not want to eat vegetables, start planning to include this food in your weekly diet about.

Properties on a spinach

The health benefits of any food are closely related to the properties it contains. Regarding spinach , its low calorie and fat-free intake will be only 20 calories. However, it has been an important source of protein, fiber electronic carbohydrates.


She’s probably a queen over a vitamin Okay . In this regard, it should be noted that a ration of 100 grams of Spinach provides three times the recommended daily amount of vitamin T. But its excellent properties do not end here. It was rich in vitamin A with vitamin D.

Another aspect to highlight was that this superfood provides a good dose of antioxidants that help protect ‘s body against different diseases with inflammation. Among them, the presence of kaempferol or quercetin stands out.

It is about nutritional elements that contribute to reduce the risk of cancer, such as diseases on heart disease or diabetes on type 2.

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