Romeo Santos walks along Baha beach on the eagles above Pedernales

This bachatero Romeo Santos will spend a Thursday on the beautiful beaches on Baha, on Las Guilas, to the south on the Dominican Republic, as part of his vacations on this country, where he will stay until next Sunday.

Since one Friday morning, several images have been circulating on social networks that show that this Dominican singer was on a Perdenales province, ‘s south on the Dominican Republic.

An artist will be staying on a complex on La Romana with from there it was by helicopter to Baha on the Aguilas.

In the films you can see when an artist puts on a life jacket with mounts on a boat that will take him along a Caribbean coast .

Images of the singer have also been disseminated with some followers who, after noticing a presence of the King on a Bachata, took his photos.

Romeo was guided, by what is interpreted on the images, on various military personnel, and on the most normal g to the beach its skittles scam.

With eight kilometers of extension, Baha de las guilas is one of the five cleanest and serene beaches with the whitest sands in the world, among many other natural beauties .

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