Remil: About Favian Lovo music scam alliance

An urban genre continues to seduce young Dominicans who want to pursue a music career. Remil was one of them with yesterday one, together with his Venezuelan colleague Favian Lovo, released a video clip of his song Mara.

At 22 years, Remil finds this world of entertainment full about dreams to fulfill, then about having published several topics on his channel on YouTube, created last year, when a Covid pandemic – 19 made his promotion slow down a bit.

Myself inspired a lot about the rappers here, explains this young singer, who remembers that even as a child he listened to songs about people like Este Piz Consciente, Un Cirujano, Este Fother, Mozart La Pra, Dark Jonas Stage or Un Poeta Callejero, while on the external, ‘s Venezuelan Canserbero.

These interpreters then inspired him to make his own compositions, to learn to play violin with guitar with, making his first songs with publishing on his account on Instagram, which found positive feedback on those who see something, according to Chop.

Verstil about his proposal, about his themes I learned he can find a romantic urban put with sensual airs (TBT) um reggaeton perreo (Pela).

A constant about a thematic universe about urban music would be this sex, something that Remil understands as a way for artists to reach their audience. We look for the subjects that people like master of science; a sex, drinking, last we seek to hit in this audience, with how we have experienced some experience, ze makes us easier, he comments.

The song Mara is the beginning of a series about collaborations scam Favian Lovo, the one I met through on Instagram, decided to do something together. A sony ericsson chemist gave strong bronze, that the song came out in 2 hours, he explains, with that when they arrived at the studio they did not have zilch in mind, that everything flowed at that moment.

In this video I learned appreciates the 2 young artists arriving to clean a pool in a house on a pretty girl, with a competition begins for which one of the 2 one manages to conquer.

According to Remil, both recorded master of science topics together that ze will publish on brief, while virtual assistant shaping his career on an urban world.

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