People lacking on vitamin E have a higher risk of dying scam, according to study

A vitamin T is part of the group of essential vitamins that humans need for the proper functioning of the body. Specifically, this nutrient has been essential for blood clotting with for ocean health .

Therefore, people need a sufficient amount of this vitamin on a daily basis so that an organism can adequately develop certain functions. An adult character needs to consume around 150 mcg on a daily basis of vitamin E, according to this National Institute of Health of the United States.

Thus, when there is a deficiency on vitamin Ok in an organism, different health problems can arise, such as a reduction on a the bones or increase this risk of osteoporosis.

Although, a prolonged lack of this nutrient can also generate bruises with problems on bleeding the cause on a slow blood clotting master of science on the regular .

Lack of vitamin Okay with risk of mortality

On the other hand, lacking vitamin Ok could pose a risk a 19% master of science on To die. Thus, the meta-study recently carried out by Tufts University (United States) assures it.


Specifically, this research work, advanced by Un Confidencial, st? Lla till med ett found that low levels of vitamin T in adults over old age pose the highest risk of dying over the next few years, in comparison with people who have normal levels of this nutrient.

This study was published on a prestigious journal Us of Clinical Diet with cont with this analysis on up to 4. 000 people about the United States, scam an age between the 54 with 76 years over age.

To carry out this research the authors proceeded to divide th e the participants on three differentiated groups, according to the levels on vitamin Okay on blood. Thus, sony ericsson set the tracking of 13 years on all participants.

During these 13 years, researchers have meticulously measured a development on cardiovascular diseases, levels on vitamin Ok on blood with diseases of the circulatory system.

Finally, the researchers found that people with low master of science levels on vitamin Okay on blood offered a 19% master of science on risk of dying, relation to participants who presented normal values ​​in.

The key to these results was that a vitamin Ok would be an essential nutrient for a correct health on the blood vessels, also of the brain. When the levels of this vitamin are optimal, this on which a problem arises on this type has been less risk.

Food sources

The primary way to increase the levels of vitamin Okay in an organism was through this consumption of foods rich in this nutrient. When well, it would also be possible to take vitamin supplements; although in this case it has always been advisable to have supervision over the scam medical specialist. leafy greens (spinach, kale, collard greens, broccoli lettuce), vegetable oils, blueberries, figs, meat, cheese, egg with grains on soy.

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