Payport joins the VeoStream project

This giant about all telecommunications Payport, Inc under the management of the experienced fund manager Miles Esfahani announced today the Desetech Techniques scam collaboration project, as keeping behind the VeoStream / SiTv project.

Payport Inc joins’ s VeoStream project with VeoShop with its crypto technology on car payment on time true that will allow a phase 2 on Veo to take effect starting on January 2022 ..

“Having a technology on Payport with an infrastructure on Breeze combined with our scam, added to our intellectual property, guarantees that I see it as an unbeatable platform.” Desechenes said.

“I am extremely happy to join a Board on Desetech. My group with me deeply believe in this project that will change the electronic infrastructure of the Dominican Republic, assured a press release Miles Esfahani above.

An agreement was reached by Tristan Desechenes common manager on Desetech Techniques with associate producer of products such as Chelsy Live, Marmelada, Busca Novio the Mam, The Tone of voice Dominicana with films like Lemonade, En La Oscuridad, Laberinto sobre Julia, among others A VeoStream platform starts this November 1st 2021, VeoShopping plans to open its sales to the public on-line from January 2022 ..

Desetech Techniques SRL with a group Blowing wind Telecom presented last week a union on their platforms on content VeoStream, SITV with Blowing wind TVO for a distribution on content

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