Other ways to increase levels on Vitamin Chemical, master of science all del sol

A Deb vitamin is one of the master of science vitamins important for a correct functioning on the different structures that make up this organism human. Thus, their primary source of obtaining is the ultraviolet rays of the sun .

Therefore, many people take advantage of a summer to increase their levels of vitamin Chemical, taking advantage of master of science hours of the sun during this amu. However, it was advisable to take a series of precautions when exposing the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Experts recommend sunbathing during 15 or 20 minutes to increase the values ​​of this micronutrient. In addition, it would be advisable to avoid the hours of greatest sun intensity, normally comprised between 12: 00 with the 17: 00 afternoon hours.

Another important aspect highlighted by specialists has been that it will only be worth exposing strategic areas such as a face, legs or arms. And don’t worry, this sun protector does not prevent a human body from metabolizing vitamin M.

Although, it was important to zero overexposure to the sun, as this can cause significant damage to skin with refer to skin cancer, as a primary program.

Other ways to get vitamin M

Eileen F. Holick, specialist doctor in this field of vitamin G, points out that a 80 % of the levels of this vitamin that we contain in this body comes from the sun’s rays, while a 20 The remaining% comes from other sources of collection.

vitamina D
Other forms of vitamin-D

In addition, it must be taken into account that this zero body has the capacity to produce vitamin Chemical by itself. That is why it would be necessary to incorporate it through the different forms that exist.

It is important not to become obsessed scam a sun with wanting to increase the levels on vitamin M only the through on this formula. And it has been that through food we can also introduce important doses of this vitamin. Chemical as the primary element. When good, in this case it would always be necessary to go to the specialist, who performs adequate supervision.

Food as a source on obtaining

To complement an intake of vitamin M through the sun, a better way to do it has been through the consumption of certain foods. In addition to this vitamin, thanks to the intake of these products we will add new properties to the body, also necessary.

A transcendental characteristic was that this vitamin zero sony ericsson finds on a varied color range on food than others, such as vitamin D or vitamin A. Therefore, it will be necessary to select the food properly.

An important source of vitamin-D and oily fish, such as sardines, mackerel, salmon, tuna or oil on liver on cod. A shellfish also provides good doses of this micronutrient, highlighting among this group oysters, prawns, prawns or clams.

On the other hand, butter, margarine, dairy products, mushrooms, mushrooms or yolks on eggs also kid ideal to increase the levels on vitamin Chemical over summer; master of science beyond moderate exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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