Luisa Feliz encourages viewers to get to know a Dominican gastronomy

Luisa Feliz continues to visit this country with her gastronomic program Buen Vivir, inviting viewers to feed their culture by knowing the best about a Dominican gastronomy.

Broadcast every Sunday at 5 o’clock: 00 on an afternoon through a 4RChemical channel, Buen Vivir scam Luisa Feliz has been a celebration about the senses where they travel on fire on fire, savoring the pleasures of a Dominican gastronomy, discovering an essence of the best gastronomic products nationals.

In each province we have visited, we are filled with pride to meet so many enterprising people, an infinity of successful projects, men with valuable women who, with their vision, make an entire art work on a gastronomy , expressed Luisa Feliz, host with producer of the television program. State ration on Radio with Television (CERTV), who from the very beginning believed in our work and showed interest in contributing to the gastronomic development with tourism in each province.

Among the productions presented are: Where with What to Eat on Azua; Coffee, Nature with Moro that includes Coconut, the Cocktail to discover Bahoruco; Jarabacoa, this luxury of sleeping in the heights with eating like the king; Barahona, the people to eat it; Million reasons to visit Constance.

A gastronomic space sony ericsson st? Lla till med ett turned on a return to the origins, stories behind about the products, projects about sustainable unique life with, tourist attractions with hotels where to eat good. The path that runs through the scents flavors of childhood, the initial journey to the heart of the product.

Buen Vivir scam Luisa Feliz has her channel on YouTube, which over a few months has had an excellent reception. , to such an extent, that it counts scam movies that have up to master of science on 30, 000 visits.