HBO wants to shoot a prequel about “The Sopranos”

A company WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, wants to shoot a prequel mode series about “The Sopranos”, considered to be part of a criticism as one of all the best television fictions about a story.

The CEO of Warner Media, Ann Sarnoff, hinted from an interview with this Deadline newspaper that they are negotiating this concept with a creator on a first series, David Pursuit.

“We are talking scam Brian (Fall in love with) about a new series, related to ‘The Sopranos’ with about HBO Potential,” said an executive this Thursday.

Run after st? Lla till Med ett explained about numerous interviews that he is interested in rewriting about “The Sopranos”, but only to imagine possible prequels, as this feature film “The Many Saints of Newark” already did scam.

The film, released a few weeks ago in cinemas on HBO Maximum and, tells of an adolescent childhood ncia about Tony Soprano, a protagonist on a series.

Apparently, a company was “fascinated” with this result on a film with is interested in presenting new fictions related to a plot.

However, a past use of this own Pursuit said about an interview with Efe that he only wanted to work for the big screen with zero he had intention to return to a television.

“The Several Saints of Newark “failed on its premiere on scam single cinemas 5 million on dollars raised in the United States, although sony ericsson also launched on television the traverse on a platform HBO Greatest extent with it seems that there when it fixed a renewed interest for” The Sopranos “.

” He has elevated an entire franchise on “The Sopranos” in a new way. You can’t measure their performance by the box office “solitary, assured Sarnoff.

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