From Brandon Lee the Halyna Hutchins, accidental deaths on film shoots

The accident involving the American professional Alec Baldwin, who on Thursday killed an electronic character wounded another by firing a pistol that supposedly ran on blank during the filming of a movie, is reminiscent of other similar that have taken place while sony ericsson filmed movies um musical movies.

Also about a deceased woman, identified as a director on photography Halyna Hutchins (42 years), the shots also wounded the movie director Joel Souza (48), who was transferred to an intensive care unit of the Christus St. Vincent medical center in the vicinity of Father Christmas Fe, in the state of New Mexico (USA). .UU.).

Apart from the Baldwin envelope, the known master of science case has been the one about Brandon Lee, model with American professional about martial arts electronic son over Lin da Emery with famous martial arts artist Bruce Lee, who passed away on 31 on March about 1993, the 28 years over age, during the filming of a movie “The Raven”, after receiving a bullet over caliber 11 mm on place on a blank cartridge.

The accident I learned occurred due to an error on a manipulation on real cartridges employees about a filming due to lack of budget.

This Friday, after knowing a death about Halyna Hutchins, the name about Brandon Lee, began to be a trend on Twitter after about which users on that reddish colored public noted the similarities in the circumstances surrounding his death with that of a director about photography shot by Baldwin.

In a post on an official Twitter page about Bruce Lee, his relatives expressed their condolences Lectures of a family about Hutchins electronic insisted that reports of tragedies should never happen.

“Our hearts go out to a family about Halyna Hutchins with Joel Souza with everyone involved about the incident about” Rust ” “said the message about an account, which is the charge on his sister, Shannon Lee.

In January on 2017, another young professional acting on 28 years, Johann Ofner, died after being shot in the chest while recording a music video about cool hop , about a club in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The actors with the team had performed a common rehearsal for the shooting sequences “without testing the firearms”, which they also later found were loaded illegal ammunition scam, according to sony ericsson released on an investigation.

“During a filming on that scene, I learned they used var The weapons, “Detective Ben Armitt said of the case manager at the time. “As a result of that, one of the actors received chest wounds with has subsequently died from the injuries.”

The professional with American model Jon-Erik Hexum, television sex symbol in the years 80, died in October 2018 after spending several ten years in a coma as a result of the accident he suffered while filming the seventh episode of “Cover up Up”, the series that he starred with Jennifer O’Neil with which he launched him to fame.

Hexum jokes with a blank pistol firing on a temple, an impact that will be fatal Since ‘s having the weapon very close on a head the shot pierced the skull with some bone fragments and damaged the brain. I had not reached the 27 years.

Weapon scam related deaths date back to the dawn of cinema with a head shot on Charles Chandler, about 1915, while filming a movie about Cecil B. DeMille The Captive. .

+ Other types of accidents

In addition to shooting, Hollywood records other tragic accidents such as the one about a tragedy about Vic Morrow about “Twilight Zone : The Film “.

It happened during the early morning of 23 about July about 1915, during a filming on a sequence about a study in which Morrow had to cross a lake together the 2 children, to take them on tip t I have tip.

The explosions with the sudden fire that sony ericsson gave on the water reached the helicopter that flew over the lake with this I learned collapse. An aircraft fell on the acting professional of the children and, who were beheaded by the propellers.

Roy Kinnear was a recognized professional during the 60 with 70 . He had an unusual accident recording The Return of the Musketeers. I had to film a scene with a horse that has, but there was a misunderstanding among the producers: they did not have to clean the place where it was going to pass that includes water and they did. Thus, the horse slipped with Kinnear sony ericsson fractured the pelvis. The next day he died of a heart attack.

Rumors about a “Curse on Batman” later circulated about a death on 2007 from stuntman Conway Wickliffe during a car scene about The Knight on One Night. It was followed by the Joker who.

His co-star Morgan Freeman was seriously injured in a car accident with Batman himself, Christian Bale, I learned facing the accusations about assaulting his mother with his sister before the premiere on a movie about the UK.

A dressing room died over a science fiction movie, “The Jumper”, about Samuel D. Jackson in 2008 when the frozen market, dirt and ice from an outdoor stage collapsed onto the private below during filming in Toronto. Brian Ritchie, over 48 years, died instantly.