Emanuelle launches reggaeton Ponte pa mi

After launching the catchy song Mala, which attracted the attention of its followers on digital platforms and national radio stations in; now, the urban exponent of Dominican origin Emanuelle promotes his most recent reggaeton Ponte pa mi.

The song, which was released this 22 of October, has already been welcomed for her loyal fans who see in her the new super star of urban music.

Emanuelle known in music slang as El rey del Pareteo, who is signed by the Manwali Music company, also He presented to his select audience the music video, which exceeds quality, which will be accompanying the promotion of the theme that will be part of his musical album.

In just a few months working on her musical career, Emanuelle Dominguez, has called the attention of DJs, producers and interpreters of the local and international urban movement for his versatile style when singing and composing.

Among the themes that he has under his repertoire are: Se cans, Go back to soarte, a topic that has close to a million views on its YouTube channel; Also, Drunk, My love and Love a thousand hours.

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