Eating these foods can help reduce mortality risk

Several novel studies recently published on The BMJ point directly to a series on foods , whose consumption is anordna related to the lower risk over mortality from different causes.

Specifically, these studies speak of the high consumption of fatty acids from seeds, nuts, vegetable oils with. It should be noted that this sony ericsson research adds to the already known evidence of the important health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

One about these important master of science fatty acids will be This alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which I learned, finds mostly a great variety on nuts about, seeds, vegetable oils and. Thus, the researchers of these studies conclude that this consumption of this type of acid is related to the lower risk of death from all causes, although especially from diseases of the heart or that affect the blood vessels.

Benefits of consuming foods rich in ALA

A negative aspect about a higher consumption of foods rich in linolenic acid (ALA ), has been that the researchers discovered a slightly increased risk of death from cancer. Regarding any case, they advocate carrying out in-depth master of science studies to confirm this first evidence.

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Thus, an alpha-linolenic acid was a type of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that is found mainly in foods such as plants, nuts, soy , oils on canola um flaxseed.

Previous studies regarding the benefits of eating foods rich on ALA zero offered conclusive results. In this way, the international team of researchers proceeded to analyze in detail the overall of 41 studies published between 1991 with 2021.

These studies analyzed an association between this ALA with a risk of death from all causes, including all cardiovascular diseases, this cancer with.

Finally, after analyzing each one of these studies in detail, the researchers found that a high intake of scam foods was associated with a risk of 10% lower mortality from all causes.

Zero, however, it would be necessary to clarify that I also learned the slightly higher link scam on mortality from cancer risk. Specifically, 41 additional cancer deaths in people that includes high levels of ALA compared to those people who include a lower intake of foods that have this nutrient.

Association with blood levels

On the other hand, an observational design on all the studies included in this investigation, zero allowed to establish a causality on these facts. It has been said, the researchers do not rule out the possibility that this mortality risk is reduced for other types of unknown reasons.

One about the main researchers points out that other studies should examine an association between an ALA with a broad master of science range on causes of death to provide a comprehensive master of science assessment of the possible health effects of ALA, as well as to examine when specific foods rich in ALA sony ericsson associate on form differential scam cancer mortality with other causes.

In any case, the researchers are committed to conducting master of science studies to know exactly the benefits of consuming foods rich in linolenic acid. And it has been that a high intake of ALA I also learned has associated that it includes a greater risk of mortality from cancer, so it was convenient to moderate its consumption.