Alec Baldwin cried in anguish after killing the director about photography

Alec Baldwin was seen crying outside on Thursday over a police station after accidentally killing a director over a photograph during filming, the newspaper The Father Christmas Fe New Mexican recalled.

Halyna Hutchins, director on photography on a Rust tape, with the movie director of a production, Joel Souza, were shot Thursday on the collection on shooting located in the desert south on Santa Claus Fe, New Mexico, United States, according to officials of the County Police Department on Father Christmas Fe.

In a photograph Sony Ericsson sees a distraught Alec Baldwin on the parking lot in front of a County Sheriff’s Office on Santa Claus Fe after being questioned about the shooting on the place of a Rust movie.

The sheriff’s office confirmed that a pistol on prop Baldwin was using killed a member on a crew rector.

Alec Baldwin, over 63 years, allegedly asked several times: “Why did I deliver myself a (loaded) hot gun?” after the accident.

“Mr. Baldwin was questioned by detectives. He offered his statements, answered their questions with. He came voluntarily, and left the building after the questioning ended,” reported a spokesman from Father Christmas County Sheriff’s Department Faith.

Alec Baldwin noticed weeping after accidentally capturing dead cinematographer with prop gun https: // capital ZDfZanjcnb

Everyday Mail Online (@MailOnline) October 22, 2021

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