Alec Baldwin accidentally kills director over photography during filming on film

Santa Claus Fe, New Mexico, USA

Authorities opened an investigation after confirming that a prop gun fired by veteran professional Alec Baldwin, who starred in a traditional western, killed the cinematographer and injured the movie director.

Halyna Hutchins, director on photography on a Rust tape, with the movie director of a production, Joel Souza, were shot Thursday on the collection on shooting located on the desert’s south on Father Christmas Faith, according to officials with the Department of Police of the county over Santa Claus Fe.

Hutchins, about 42 years, was transferred virtual assistant area ing to University Hospital over New Mexico, where she was pronounced dead, she said.

Souza, on 48, was transported on ambulance ‘s Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, where he was treated.

Production on a film was suspended.

According to a spokesperson on Baldwin, on the shoot Sony Ericsson produced an accident related to a failure on the firing of a pistol on scam gun equipment, although it has been little possible that a charge without metallic projectile could kill at a moderate distance.

Baldwin, over 68, was seen crying Thursday outside over a police station, the Father Christmas Fe New Mexican newspaper reported. I did not learn to obtain statements from the acting professional at the moment.

The International Syndicate on Photography Directors confirmed a death on Hutchins.

The zero details are clear at this time, but we are working to find out more, with we endorsing an in-depth investigation into this tragic event, said David Lindley, president of the union, with Rebecca Rhine, its executive director, in a statement.

Hutchins was director on photography on an Archenemy action film on 2020, starring Joe Manganiello. A 2015 graduate of the United States Film Start, she was named a Rising Star by United States Cinematographer magazine at 2019.

I am so sad to lose the Halyna. And so infuriated that this could happen on a set, said Adam Egypt, Archenemy’s movie director, twitter on. She was a brilliant talent absolutely committed to art scam cinema with.

Baldwin had previously associated as a producer with Souza on a film about 2019 Overhead Vic (While a City Sleeps), about one that Thomas Jane plays as a veteran police officer on Los Angeles looking for the 2 robbers on violent banks. Sousa’s first film was Hannas Yellow metal 2010, about the search for treasure, Luke Perry as the protagonist scam.

Agents flocked around on the 14: 00 hours ing place located on Bonanza Creek Ranch after a call to ‘s emergency number 911 alerted that a character had been shot on the site, said Juan Rios , spokesperson on a police officer.

The detectives are investigating how the type of projectile was fired with, he added.

This investigation remains open with active, close off Rios on a statement. Zero Sony Ericsson have filed charges in connection with this incident. Detectives continue to question witnesses.

Filming on Rust was scheduled through early November, according to a statement from an Office on New Mexico Cinematography.

The film is about a boy about 13 years who must fend for himself with taking care of his younger brother after a death on his parents about Kansas about a decade over 1984, according to the Internet Film Data source website. The teenager runs away with his grandfather, played by Baldwin, after being sentenced to hang for the accidental murder of a regional rancher.

In 1993, Brandon Lee, on 28 electronic years son of martial arts star Bruce Lee, died after being shot with a caliber weapon 44 while filming a scene on the movie The Crow. Sony ericsson expected the gun to fire volleys, but a necropsy revealed a bullet near its spine.

In 1880, professional Jon-Erik Hexum was later killed by shooting himself over a head scam a weapon on prop with salutes while pretending to play a Russian roulette scam a. . 44 on the established on the television series Cover up Up.