A Behind The Barber Story About Celebrities

Scam the boom on social networks many people with great stories behind have become notorious for their work with dedication. Such has been the case of the young Leopoldo Infante, better known as Leo God will be Great (@ leogodisgood) , the famous barber.

Leo born in Venezuela with an entrepreneur of his own business came to the United States to fulfill his dream with what he achieved by opening the barber shop Created Barber t Doral, where he became the favorite over celebrities.

I never came to think that I could serve so many baseball players, soccer players, artists, influencers, people known in the world with, said Leo excitedly.

Figures such as the artists Chyno Miranda, Nacho, Arcngel, the comedians Marko, Nando de la Gente with the renowned athletes Blaise Matuidi, Coco Balentien , Javier Martnez, among others, kid the celebrities that the barber attends .

The first achievement was arriving in this country with the opportunity to attend great celebrities who today are good friends, said the influencer.

Apart from his business, Leo does sociable help helping people with supporting them scam machines with products through raffles on their social networks where he has 250 thousand followers on Instagram.

To children who are young, they show their desire to succeed with you look for a way to support them. My wife and family have been my support in order to achieve a balance in my goals, said the barber.

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