You: the series-trend that relates the obsession and a danger about social networks

The dramatic thriller, with psychological overtones, is released on this 2018 on Netflix. It currently includes three seasons, 30 episodes with a fourth season confirmed yet without a release date.

You have been one of the collection that begin by showing us a dark master of science side of love over time on social networks (love when it could be called).

The first season was based on a homonymous novel about 2014 about Caroline Kepnes, one who fell in love with the more about 40 million viewers who saw this debut on a series on a service about loading, Netflix.

The fiction follows a life about Joe Goldberg (Chat Women), a manager on a bookstore about New You are able to be obsessed with scam a customer Guinevere Beck (As soon as Upon the Period).

The obsession that he develops for his

client results on a crush on the first windows view that causes a toxic love that causes a series about vicissitudes with problems between zero solitary both characters but everything that sony ericsson involves.

The technological knowledge about Joe with a popularity on social networks that Beck developed makes him know each one about his steps with his way of expressing himself , which makes a good master of science easy to catch its prey.

In a second season, with not much detail to cause spoilers to give, I learned they involve new characters that give it a twist ( zero very drastic in a story, this because already an initial emotion about the unknown about this guy about thriller zero will happen again), one about them Like, played by Victoria Pedretti (The Haunting of Bly Manor), who turns out to be an important piece about A development on this second part.

Joe ze muda the Los Angeles to leave behind his past with forgetting everything that happened with starts a new life, but it was there when sony ericsson came across Love, scam a Which one does it take? His obsessions from the past (chasing after harassing) whom I consider this new love about his life, without knowing that it has demons worse than those about you.

Between both seasons there is a very common element With, it will be that a lovemaking harassment is this king, taking into account the compulsive obsessions with the concepts that I learned ago a primary character about how much love with ‘s sex with his victims.

Currently they are released a third part about a story, where they detail a little master of science a new life about a couple (Joe with Like) with how a new element can try to change an essence about the 2.

However , an old life about Joe is still latent electronic begins a new adventure about harassment of his neighbor.

Without a doubt the third season gives an unexpected turn to the story, by telling scam incredible actions by the characters.

As Netflix confirmed a fourth season, it has been Maybe sony ericsson can unravel a little master of science the murder entanglements that I learned there count on again.

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