Why will it be important to take calcium over menopause?

The calcium has been one of the minerals important for the body. Specifically, it was the abundant master of science mineral in the human body with key to the health of the bones . But it has also been the essential nutrient for the muscles to move properly.

It is about a basic nutrient on different stages of a life on people. During childhood through childhood it was essential for conformation with bone development, but it also remains essential in adolescence, old age and adulthood.

With it would be that a body also needs calcium for nerves carry messages from the brain to different areas of the body. In addition, it has been the mineral that contributes to the proper circulation of the blood through the blood vessels.

Importance over calcium during menopause

One of the common master of science diseases on bones was osteoporosis, which sony ericsson characterized by the presence on weak brittle bones with. When this pathology appears, a loss of mass is generated with force be.

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Thus, one of the important master of science nutrients for counting optimal calcium levels is vitamin G with. A lack of vitamin N is the risk element for this development of osteoporosis.

An important aspect would be that once I learned how to make a tear, it has been more possible for it to subsequently produce another break. It has been a debilitating disease on the bones mostly associated with an age with.

In this sense, women after menopause present a greater risk of developing osteoporosis, since sony ericsson make a lack of estrogen. After this physiological process that I learned days in women, usually from the 50 years, the destruction of ze bones produces faster master of science than the construction of a new one.

That is why during after menopause it was important to consume rich foods on Calcium with optimal levels of vitamin Chemical, since it can help prevent um reduce an intensity on one that could develop a disease such as osteoporosis.

Which people have greater risk on osteoporosis

Mainly, an osteoporosis will be a disease is associated with an age. However, people who lack vitamin Chemical with calcium present the highest risk of developing this pathology.

One sex has been the other on the determining factors. According to medical estimates, women have up to four times an excellent risk than men of developing osteoporosis

Similarly, the structure of the bone with a weight of the body can also have an impact on this aspect. . Different investigations have found that thin women have a greater probability of having osteoporosis because, as they have less mass, they have less bone to degrade at a lower age.

Finally, a genetics also plays a role. important on the over risk osteoporosis. When your parents or grandparents have previously had this disease, it was possible that you could develop this pathology throughout life. However, Sony Ericsson does not deal with the determining aspect. vitamin M in this organism.

Thus, during menopause, women usually develop a great variety of hormonal changes, so it has been convenient to go to a medical specialist to carry out a study with observe possible nutritional needs that help prevent any health condition.