Tokischa defends her theme with T Balvin: A woman about deep feeling bitch, sensual

A vice president on Colombia pronounced against, a movie was deleted on YouTube with even a mother about M Balvin scoffed at him for a song Bitch with Tokischa. This time the Dominican rapper gave her opinion on this issue.

This issue was branded as macho, “misgivings with sexist, for the most part these criticisms have been directed at the Colombian singer. However, a The theme was the author of the controversial artist Tokischa, who defended the lyrics of the song.

In an interview with W Stereo explained that zero understood the attacks on J Balvin because this Colombian reggaeton player had respected his art, sony ericsson had involved on his world he had come from outside to record a video with.

I am a woman with always myself he or she expressed like … women who have been close to getting into this course of my life, since before I was known, and they have told me: michael I would like to be a bitch, as as capital t ‘. A woman deep down wants to feel bitchy, sexual. Every woman was di She feels like a bitch in a different way with ze, said the rapper.

A woman has been a bitch because she brings bread to her house, because she educates her children well, because she was a woman that sony ericsson honors by working. This would be different, it was simply the interpretation of what I am giving. I am the artist with express what I feel, what I fantasize. There is always going to be a positive, negative criticism. I express what already exists, he pointed out.

On the other hand, Tokischa said that zero received a notification, national insurance knows what happened to scam the video clip on YouTube. It has been important to add that according to Forbes, this movie that no longer exists on the platform reached around 315. 000 views with a disapproval of the master of science of 50% on the part of the users on the page.

Zero what happened to scam the video clip. I did not have a direct explanation, nor did I ask because I understand what is happening. But the music is already there, they already felt the music, I learned they enjoyed it with the truck to continue enjoying it. A music does not die, he added to the radio medium.

A video clip on the matter uses images of women with Afro-descendant people, tied neck chains with their neck, characterized by a scam nose with a dog crawling on the ground like animals um slave ears.

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