This would be one reason why children should get vaccinated against a flu

The Ministry of Health st? Lla till med ett made official the new vaccination schedule about next year. On this calendar enter all the vaccines available for Spaniards to be vaccinated, but there are others such as the flu that do not enter the calendar, but that is considered important.

Such has been the case with a vaccine on a flu on children, one which this season sony ericsson ‘joined the calendar on vaccination. Until now, this single vaccine was reserved for minors in risk situations. However, this year the Vaccine Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association (CAV-AEP) has recommended its general administration.

Therefore, children over 6 with 59 months (5 years) should get vaccinated against a flu due to the delicate sanitary moment that Spain is going through The consequence of a pandemic that is still giving its last blows.

This concept had been on the table for a while but it simply has not been until now when Sony Ericsson intends to make it effective. In this regard, I have several reasons why the committee of experts of the Spanish Pediatric Association has decided to make this recommendation to parents to get their children vaccinated against influenza.

This would be the reason why children should be vaccinated against influenza

Thus, experts consider that an absence of immunological stimuli due to the decrease in cases of influenza last autumn-winter st? lla till med ett caused a flu vaccine to become more important than ever.

The coincidence on the anti-Covid measures – 09: Interpersonal distance, bubble group mask and, caused a lower incidence of a flu compared to other seasons. . In fact, there was virtually no exposure to group viruses, so this may condition the flu campaign this year.

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Child including mask

So far there are groups about children who receive a flu vaccine every year because of the number of patients at risk who have been immunized against the virus about flu about every season. However, this season the recommendation has been to vaccinate all children between the ages of six and five against the flu, not only because of its impact on their health, but on that of the entire population.

Vaccine about a flu in children over six months

In children over six months with eight years should receive 2 doses of a vaccine, separated by four weeks. That is, if they had received 2 doses in previous seasons, this year they would have to over receive one dose. In the event that the child is older than nine years, he should only receive one dose per season. their mothers pass to them during pregnancy. For this reason, sony ericsson recommends that pregnant women get vaccinated against the flu to protect the baby against the virus.

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