This is how the consumption of probiotics helps the action of the immune system

The probiotics boy live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts to the body cause a benefit for people. Thus, there are different foods considered probiotic, such as organic yogurt, kfir , sauerkraut or kombucha.

As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), zero can be considered probiotics or substances produced by microorganisms or the constituents on them, despite the fact that these elements have biologically beneficial effects on the consumer.

Thus, probiotic foods I learned find about, medications also certain types about supplements with. Scam all of this, the intake of probiotics provides important benefits to people’s health, especially in the intestinal microbiota.

Among the benefits of consuming probiotics, it is worth noting that good children to combat with prevent intestinal diseases, improves digestion, prevents the proliferation of bacteria, helps to have a healthy intestinal flora with offers positive effects against constipation with diarrhea, among other aspects.

But also, it is found that probiotics are beneficial for the functioning of the immune system. This would be so, mainly, because it increases the production of macrophages, defense cells of the organism. Thus, the specialists on Quirnsalud assure it.

Probiotics with immune system

As we said, probiotics fulfill different functions on the immune system uses the same mechanisms as the intestinal microbiota.

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Immune System

On the one hand, the indigenous microbiota carries out a large number of beneficial actions for the organism that harbors them. Thus, probiotics are still microorganisms isolated from the microbiota, so they share many mechanisms of action.

As explained from Lactoflora , the microbiota performs 2 major functions on the body. One of them has been the digestive function and the other the protective function.

Thus, the organism has three defensive scams at the intestinal level. The microbiological line, electronic immune barrier. In this sense, both microbiota bacteria and probiotics interfere with these three protective lines in.

Function on immune action

However, from the World Health Organization (WHO), they warn that zero all probiotics are equal or exert the same benefits on the body. Therefore, not all of them fulfill positive functions for the functioning of the immune system, nor do they use the same mechanisms of action.

Thus, at the level of the immune system, some probiotics can stimulate its action , while others can cause your block. Therefore, it was convenient to zero generalize how much the functions on the probiotics and z refers to. Experts advocate analyzing strain by strain.

Ultimately, probiotics can stimulate the proper functioning of the immune system ‘s acting under the same mechanisms on the intestinal microbiota. And in this sense, they help to facilitate learning for adequate protection against external agents that may pose a threat to health.