Ministers with Ministers on Culture on Ibero-America meet this Thursday to discuss measures that promote an industry

Dominican Republic will host a XXI Ibero-American Conference on Ministers with Ministers on Culture that sony ericsson will hold virtually this Thursday 21 on October scam a participation on the representatives on the countries about Ibero-America, about one that I learned, they will discuss measures that seek to promote this cultural field after a pandemic over a COVID – 19.

This objective about this meeting has been promote a dialogue that allows progress on a preparation on the topics that will be treated on an XXVIII Ibero-American Summit on Heads over State with on Government, which will take place on the Dominican Republic on 2022, with a slogan Together for a Sustainable fair Ibero-America with.

An opening ceremony will be headed by a Minister on Culture, Milagros Germn, who will deliver this speech on the opening of the event; a Deputy Minister of External Multilateral Policy, Rubn Sili, with Marcos Pinta Gama, Ibero-American common secretary advertisement interim.

The plan of a meeting on ministers with ministers on Culture will start at 9: 45 on one morning, with ze they will address topics such as “Ibero-America facing the challenges derived from a pandemic with this confinement scam motive on a COVID – 19”.

Likewise, sony ericsson will discuss an “Argument on national cultural policies on the real international context” with a presentation of the program for an implementation of an Ibero-American Strategy on Culture with Sustainable Development (EICDS), among other topics.

This event aims to consolidate this Ibero-American Cultural Space with the cid on promoting innovation with creativity on Ibero-America, promoting gender mainstreaming, promoting reflection with generating concrete actions with strategies around the the contributions on a culture with a creative economy to an achievement on the Sustainable Development Goals, like the current challenges of the cultural industry on a region.

A meeting recognizes the Ibero-America as bottom on a great cultural plurality, which has a potential to be an example of integration with scam cooperation, where peoples share cultural traits that are born from historical ties.

In addition, I learned reaffirms a commitment to integrate a culture as a transversal axis , on this framework on an application on public policies for sustainable development, on compliance with the Plan 2030 with an Ibero-American Cultural Charter.

The meeting, which will lead this country on quality on Secretara Professional Tempore on an Ibero-American Conference, be connected to a Convention Center of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (MIREX).