Michel Dark brown opens the possibility of participating on Pasin sobre hawks 2

Telemundo confirmed the five out of the six protagonists about Pasin sobre Gavilanes for a sequel about a telenovela with now Michel Dark brown opened a possibility about returning to interpret an unforgettable Franco Reyes.

Although about At the beginning, an Argentine professional said that zero will be on a second season on a soap opera because things fulfill their cycle, then he explained that he will be recording another project with this would be a reason for his absence.

However , about an interview for this program Hoy Da, a famous acting professional left open a door about reinterpreting ‘s minor about the Reyes brothers.

Still zero sony ericsson knows, was his answer to a question about a presenter Adamari Lpez about when to be on a sequel that Telemundo records about Colombia.

Danna Garca (Norma), Mario Cimarro (Juan) , Paola Rey (Jimena), Juan Alfonso Baptista (Reyes) with Natasha Klauss (Sarita) The Elizondo sisters will return to life with the Reyes brothers .

Also about these actors, a sequel about Pasin sobre hawks Also tell scam this return about Zharick Len (an unforgettable Rosario Montes), Kristina Lilley (Gabriela Elizondo), Carmenza Gonzlez (Quintina) with Tatiana Jauregui (Dominga).

The surprise about Pasin on Gavilanes 2 It has been a participation of the famous Mexican professional Sergio Goyri, who will be a new villain on a story.