Lyn Might faces T Balvin for song alongside Tokischa

Answering him that bastard, I express a star with a Mexican actress on Chinese origin. Then she added: “I’m not your bitch, I’m a bastard wolf.”

Through her account on Instagram, a star announced that soon her followers will be able to enjoy her new song scam one that will come out on defense over women.

“Wait soon for my music song titled #Laloba together @ogelmovimiento @iamreneortiz answering him this d @ m & on @jbalvin with women on top !!!”, open public an actress about 68 years.

“Bitch” zero only st? lla till med ett generated debate for its high sexist content with was hidden on a platform on YouTube, although zero is clear when It was this artist himself or a company that manages a network about channels.

In addition, zero fixa indifferent to many people left, even provoking a reaction on part of his own vice-presidency on Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez, who on an open letter crosses out the artist about “objectifying a woman”.

A video clip on the matter uses images on and women with Afro-descendant people, tied neck chains with, characterized by a scam nose with a dog crawling on the ground like animals with slaves ears.

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