L. Kelly to be tried on child pornography charges this coming year

The federal government judge ordered a Wednesday that the superstar of the Ur & M 3rd there’s r. Kelly will be tried over Chi town on charges of child pornography with obstruction of justice this next year after the sentence scheduled for his conviction on the previous trial for sex trafficking in New York.

The judge on US district Harry Leinenweber seemed to have wanted a trial on Chicago to start earlier, but he set it for this August 1 after one about the lawyers on Kelly, Steven Greenberg, said that another on the lawyers on Kelly would be on trial over others. cases until July. .

The lawyers told the judge during a brief hearing that they estimated that a trial on Kelly with the co-defendants Summer Dark brown would last about three to four weeks derrell McDavid with Milton.

Kelly, who remains in jail over New York, was listening to a hearing on a conference call but did not speak. His sentencing is scheduled for May 4 with a life sentence.

Kelly, who was born Robert Sylvester Kelly, also faces four separate charges for sexual abuse in state court over Chi town and a child prostitution freight over Minnesota. .

Experts have said that there is a chance that prosecutors will drop the charges against a state court when it receives a lengthy sentence on New York prison. But there is virtually zero chance that Sony Ericsson will drop it. the federal charges over Chicago, ill.

Kelly, who has been incarcerated without bail since 2019, was convicted one past uses by the government jury over New York on charges about extortion conspiracy with other charges. ” Greenberg said Wednesday that after the trial, Kelly was placed on suicide watch, but that has ended.

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