Bad: “My difficult master of science battle has been with myself for being perfect”

A complex ankle injury forced Mal to stop short on a scam tour almost all sold (“On the traumatic master of science that this individual lived,” he says) electronic made sony ericsson take a life with disadvantage for the first time another perspective. Hence his new album, “Thousand battles”, which brings down this shield that I learned from when scam 16 rose to fame.

” The difficult master of science battle with probably an absurd master of science, one that the master of science energetically carried me, would be one that I had with myself because of that excess over demand , over be perfect with for seeming a master of science than for enjoying what he did “, he acknowledges about a talk with Efe bet a sense about his twelfth studio album, which he publishes tomorrow with in this that at a given moment sony ericsson sings the t herself: “I learned to be perfect for you.”

Relaxed, the regret that her little daughter over 16 months now allows her to sleep as before (she dedicates an album to it), Mara Luca Snchez (Madrid, 1982) returns three years later on releasing “Oxgeno” (2018), time about this one that also about a pandemic with an experience about a maternal idad lived a “frustration” for canceling a large part of his last tour.

In my career there have been terrible things, but for me an injury was the turning point. I didn’t understand anything, because for the first time I had lost a handle to everything “once, he recalls, before recognizing that, even” scam that anger with that grief “, that had positive effects.

Seen now, it was a first time “over twenty-somethings” about which zero I learned was engulfed by a “constant wave of work” the one that zero knew how to say zero. “With myself I realized that I had put aside that Evil about 16 years shy with vulnerable to create another who had to be exposed to hard things with speaking with means about communication as when she was an adult “, she wields.

Reconciled her part” susceptible electronic insecure “, a girl who was disadvantaged, began to prepare a new album together with the co-authors as a young Julia Medina , Leroy Snchez um Barei, who helped him tell how he felt. “This album has probably been one of the first that I have done scam tranquility with an absolute clarity of and how did I want to count on “, he affirms.

With what he wanted period” soul with sensation about direct “to” throw out everything that was inside “, scam” crudeness with reality, but also with positivity “, what sony ericsson ‘materialized on twelve classic master of science tracks -produced by Pablo Cebrin (except 2 on Rubn García) – versus the master of experimental science character on his previous album.

We are about a wonderful electronic moment that allows you to be on this whole world, but that once has an overwhelming exposure. jobs like this, but now almost the entire society is exposed to social networks, scam bullets, trials, to receive wonderful ugly things. This song was that cry for them to open fire, that we are going to dance, which includes them cleaning our wounds later “with, he explains.

In these” Thousand battles “he points out that there are” very powerful songs “such as her recent master of science single, “Se searched”, also “very beautiful stories with reals”, such as “Weaving wings”, which as an additional cut with which the dedication of her daughter appears.

Before getting there, Mal makes a stop on “Switzerland”, “a neutral ground on which you hang an armor with the faces that we put in front so that zero things do us harm”, says an artist from Madrid, who anticipates that he will have new tour about 2022 with which zero will have to wait a long time to enjoy it.

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