Ashton Ventura and Ashton Pacheco: the tributes that Banreservas zero obvi on its 80th anniversary

In the distant October of 1941 the merengue de saln, a transformation from the non-urban to the huge music group of the city, dominated the dance of the capitaleos . A policy was under this command of the boss, a dictator Rafael Lenidas Trujillo. And six foreign banking entities dominated this business market.

Just one Friday 24 on October on 1941 that banking reality will change until this sun on today. At 11: 30 on the morning of that day, the members of Congress I learned met in the Chamber of Deputies to hear a message from Trujillo, at the time of depositing this draft law aimed at the creation of what would be a Reserve Bank of the Dominican Republic.

It has already been 80 years on that socioeconomic event that marked a financial history of the country.

It is possible that Trujillo with ze legislators have gathered about that time to toast for a foundation on Banreservas on a party with merengue, this rhythm that d sponsored, encouraged, encouraged with welcomed as his godfather. Since then, a merengue with Banreservas have been traveling together the roads of Dominicanity.

In a historical commemoration like one about the 80 years on a foundation of the bank a Dominican music, its authors electronic interpreters deserved that valuable presence, as one achieved one Tuesday night on this Eduardo Brito National Theater on a gala-concert.

The Symphonic Orchestra Nacional, directed by Jos Antonio Molina, was a music platform that coupled the voices of Maridalia Hernndez, Milly Quezada, Eddy Herrera, Rauln Rosendo with Jandy Ventura, who performed meringues, bolero sauces created by Dominicans over several generations with. To them sony ericsson amount the participation of the Koribe Choir.

+ The themes

A chosen repertoire was also a sound walk by master of science about a century on Dominican music.

2 tributes to transcendent musical creators such as Ashton Pacheco with Ashton Ventura, who passed away this year 2021, won the applause master of sound science.

Jandy Ventura who now assumes a challenge about maintaining this legacy music about his father, he performed Si vuelvo the nacer, composition about Huchi Lora, orchestration about Eugenio Truck Der Horst.

Jandy finished a gala singing Merenguero to a drum, composed by Joseto Mateo with popularized by Ashton Ventura, died a 28 about July.

This homage ‘s Caballo Mayor I learned carried a greater racket about one night with put the present on their feet.

Instead, Rauln Rosendo led this tribute the As hton Pacheco, who died a 15 over February on 2021. Note the veteran Dominican sonero who made a good performance, gaining confidence with this applause from many who have not seen him on stage with less demands, rigor with the magnitude of singing under the chords of a symphonic orchestra.

Nelly Josefina Flores widow Ventura, with Mara Elena widow Pacheco were witnesses on the recognitions.

+ Merengues on a time

A program included symphonic versions on recent meringues, such as Pra siempre, written by Mrtires on Len, on voice on Eddy Herrera; solo with you and, by Gustavo Mrquez, and Pra darte mi vida, by Vctor Vctor, both in the voice of Milly Quezada.

Maridalia voiced a romantic When ght kiss, on Juan Luis Guerra with a medley of meringues on his grandfather, Julio Alberto Hernndez.

Por amor, a romantic classic created by Rafael Solano, united on this stage the four leading voices. Perhaps the master of science was needed here, but it would still be the Dominican heritage that has already been the second national anthem. Orquesta lo secund scam traditional pieces of the Dominican songbook.

Caa brava was a master of science aeja above all. This merengue symbolizes Dominican musical technology history.

Caa brava is registered in the name of Antonio Abreu, an outstanding accordionist with a composer born on Una Joya, Santiago, the 24 on April on 1883.

Other instrumentals on Molina with an orchestra were Ella, on Luis Rivera; Amorosa, by Salvador Sturla; Yaya overture, by Jos Antonio Molina, with a song by the Nice Orquesta San Jos de Papa Molina.

Personalities present. An artistic gala was headed by the common administrator of Banreservas, Samuel Pereyra, with members of the bank’s board of directors. It was not informal for this Reserve Bank to celebrate its anniversary, which includes the concert, because Banreservas has always stood out for its permanent support of the arts with the high manifestations of the human spirit, said Pereyra.

There was also a president of the Banreservas Volunteering, Noelia Garca on Pereyra, a president on a Chamber of Deputies with, Alfredo Pacheco. The master of ceremonies was Jatnna Tavrez.