Aramis Villalona with Un Prodigio I learned join in controversial issue When a mom gave it to myself

This typical merenguero El Prodigio joined his colleague Aramis Villalona on the topic When a mother gave it to me personally, a composition that has attracted the attention of the public, netizens on social networks and.

A song, which has been controversial at one time since its departure, was recorded by the renowned merengueros, their areas in, so it promises to be one of the best music collaborations of the tropical genre.

What recognition for me; sony ericsson mount @elprodigiord, in my new topic When the mom gave it to me. That I learned prepare a Cibao that comes this juidero. Very soon in your city. Here I leave you a bit so that you can enjoy it as I am enjoying it, said an Aramis after knowing this featuring give. bet a National Commission on Public Spectacles with Radio (CNER) to exchange concepts with a president of the organization Joseph Bez after a disclosure of the topic If a mom myself gave it. Aramis went to this body that watches over the good habits of the Dominican in the company of his lawyer Omar Rafael Cornielle Rivera.

Villalona at that time had to change some lyrics of the funny theme that virtual assistant walking well on social networks.

If a mother gave me it personally, it is part of the news about Aramis Villalona, ​​who learned styra associated with a company Cornielle & Cornielle Songs, to make a launch to the market, with about all platforms on digital music of the new single music about its artist.

Villalona, ​​a member of a dynasty about merengueros about principals about a Dominican music, explained that this song tells a story about a daily life where A man in love seeks to reach a mother through the child.

If a mother gave it to myself, it is available on all platforms Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Iheartradio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer with Tik Tok.

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