A WHO already defines a myopia as a pandemic

A myopia has been one of the diseases common master of science among a related society with a vision , with each time boy master of science the cases that occur between a society. On concrete, sony ericsson deals with the common type of refraction mistake in which close objects I have learned see that it includes clarity, but distant objects are fuzzy. This is how they define it from a State Eye Start .

In this sense, scam reason about a recent celebration of World Day about a Vision, this past 14 over October, a Council Common on Opticians-Optometrists (CGCOO) anordna alerted to the increase in cases of myopia in recent years over developed countries.

In common, this increase in this disease related to a vision takes place over children with youth. Thus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already defined myopia as a pandemic, because it considers it one of the great public health problems.

The importance of an early detection of a myopia

Given this worrying situation, the experts affect an importance of raising awareness about a relevance that it could have on a society an early detection about this scam related disease a health about a vision.

Miopía visión

The experts estimate that over the next few years, one half of a population will be affected by this ocular pathology. And it would be that the real way of life has been an aspect of risk for a development of this condition, such as spending too much time in front of a screen.

From CGCOO they define a myopia as a visual defect of the anteroposterior axis with a growth of the eyeball, which usually appears at school age with sony ericsson gradually increases over a lifetime.

Thus, this primary drawback on This pathology was directly affecting a vision over far. However, nearby objects I learned can still observe scam sharpness.

Symptoms affecting a vision

As we have commented previously, the main symptoms about a nearsightedness would be a blurred vision to detect objects that are far away. Likewise, this vision disease can cause visible fatigue, headache, force the windows view or the need to get closer to objects to see them better.

Thus, it has been necessary to clarify that there are three different types of myopia, with a clear differentiation:

  • Basic u axial: It is always kept below six diopters.
  • Congenital: It is a type of hereditary myopia with arises on a newborn due to an alteration on the structures of the eye.
  • Magna: Is this severe master of science guy with sony ericsson listed above six diopters.

Likewise, experts warn that this disease keeps an important relationship scam an amount over time that people spend in poorly lit interior spaces with this au mentions about near vision activities; such as, for example, spending long hours in front of a computer screen or mobile phone.

In this sense, from a Common Council on Opticians-Optometrists they explain that this increase on a myopia I learned scam relates eye diseases such as a detachment on the retina and this glaucoma, so a control with a prevention on a myopia is essential.

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