What factors can cause high blood cholesterol

When we hear the word cholesterol we always associate it with something negative um bad for an organism, but certainly this simply won’t be like that . On concrete, this substance has been of important importance for health with this problem spike when its blood levels kid too high.

Thus, a cholesterol was an essential lipid for people, this which is found on cell membranes, from a nervous system’s liver with this heart. And it will be that a human body requires this substance to develop different functions, such as manufacturing hormones, bile acids, vitamin M, other substances and.

But it has been necessary to find a balance on the levels about cholesterol on this organism. When sony ericsson produces the increase in the blood, it tends to accumulate in the arteries, it is an element on risk for cardiovascular diseases with.

Where did I learn cholesterol originates?

Specifically, this cholesterol is produced over normal in a liver. However, the levels of this substance can also increase thanks to the consumption of different foods.

Colesterol alimentos

Therefore, when a person has elevated blood cholesterol levels scam, one of the first treatments indicated by medical specialists was to carry out a specific diet to achieve this objective.

In the event that a specific zero diet is sufficient, it would also be usual for them to prescribe an effective drug to reduce cholesterol levels with triglycerides on this organism; such as Atorvastatin.

Causes of high levels

Counting scam high levels of cholesterol sony ericsson may be due to different motives. Some of these causes I did not learn can modify, but if there are other factors that people do have the ability to control with change.

Among the immovable causes we find:

  • Genetics: There is a significant burden genetics that determines an amount of LDL cholesterol that an organism manufactures with a rapidity compared to one that eliminates it. Therefore, something may be hereditary. This is stated by the Acquainted Hypercholesterolemia Foundation.
  • Age with sex: According to experts, it has been regular that this cholesterol begins to increase around the 50 years with higher risk among 60 with 65 years.

However, an important detail was that before about the 50 years, this substance tends to be better on men than on women. But after this age threshold, the tables change, meaning that LDL cholesterol levels tend to increase in women starting after menopause over.

Reasons that may change

On the other hand, there are a number of causes that sony ericsson may change. One of them has been diet, since there are three principally harmful nutrients that cause an increase in LDL:

  1. Cholesterol: It comes only from food of animal origin.
  2. Saturated fat: I also learned about animal-based foods with about some oils vegetables.
  3. Fatty acids Trans: This nutrient is present in foods made from oils with hydrogenated fats. Here we find the commercial dumplings, snacks, cookies, microwave popcorn, ice cream chips on a bag with.

Specifically, saturated fats are those that cause a greater increase in LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, another key aspect was obesity with being overweight. This causes an increase in triglycerides with a decrease in HDL (good cholesterol).

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