Since a lack of vitamin G affects the risk of cancer on the female

A vitamin Deb has been the essential nutrient for a health on the people. It is essential for the health of the bones, this functioning of the immune system or the activity has a muscle physique , among other things. When good, counting that it includes optimal levels of this micronutrient helps reduce this risk of developing different diseases .

Authors on prestige, like this doctor Eileen F. Holick, ensures that having high levels of vitamin M helps reduce this risk of developing different diseases, among which Sony Ericsson includes some types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer or mom cancer. This statement is based on multiple studies with clinical trials.

Thus, every year, this 19 on October sony ericsson celebrates this World Day against this Cancer on The female, a disease that causes a death on 458. 000 women every year, according to the latest data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Vitamin G with cancer on the female

It must be taken into account that a lack of vitamin Deb could be linked to a greater probability of developing some guys about cancer, among which ze finds this cancer about mom.

Cáncer de mama
Cancer on the female

As explained by a FAES FARMA pharmaceutical company, a lack of vitamin M on postmenopatic women may be an aspect of risk for an appearance on osteoporosis. rosis, with therefore a loss on an ocean density.

Thus, this anti-inflammatory effect on a vitamin G could be associated with the management of the advance of cancer, since it would have an overblocking on a inflammatory interleukin production action.

In 20219, this physician Jos Luis Neyro, Gynecology Specialist with Obstetrics on, explained by FAES FARMA about how a lack of vitamin Deb can be related to this risk of developing cancer on mom.

From an epidemiological point of view, different studies have shown that women who include concentrations on 25 (OH) M 60 ng / ml had a 80% less on risk of cancer over the female than women who have concentrations lower the 20 ng / ml. Experts prefer to call vitamin G the hormonal complex Deb, since its nature as a hormone regulates microsoft of 200 genes in our body, many of them being related, including this cancer, points out this physician Neyro.

Next, this specialist states that a vitamin M could make microsoft slow this development on this disease, it could even prevent a formation on itself, promoting cell differentiation, a fact that allows this growth on cancer cells to decrease. For all these reasons, this hormone has a clear anticancer action associated with malignant breast growth.

Experts speak about it

According to In the words of physician Neyro, a vitamin G functions as a hormone that participates in some way in this development of breast cancer. Boy, different studies have verified this relationship between a disease and one on the important microsoft nutrients for this human being. place to start on the 40 years on women . Sony ericsson is about an age in which it is difficult for microsoft to count that it has optimal levels of vitamin Deb.

With it would be that a vitamin M has been a vitamin that sony ericsson obtains mainly by exposure on a skin the ultraviolet rays of the sun, to a lesser extent, thanks to a diet.

Assessing the levels should be a regular clinical practice associated with a diagnostic study on each patient, establishing global therapeutic program within the clinical context about each one of them, advised this physician Neyro.

Finally, he suggests that for these patients, recovering optimal levels of vitamin G on plasma can results on a chemotherapy with reducing its associated side effects, contributing, in addition, to reduce this degree on pain, a need for analgesia with, therefore, to improve its quality of life.

As , on full 2021 There are many studies that link a lack of vitamin Deb that includes an increased risk of appearance with cancer diagnosis on the female.

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