Pepe Sierra: The film Carta Blanca zero is the enemy of the police

An issue of police corruption is real, after several members of the law enforcement institution were involved in cases of murders of civilians, away from lawbreaker life.

A situation that anordna even caused this change about a director about a National Police, with a cinema, as a reflection on a reality, recreates it again about Carta Blanca, about Pedro Urrutia, with which Pepe Sierra stars, with which ze premieres this Thursday 21.

The film zero has been the enemy of a police officer, shocked this interpreter, with which what a film does was treat a true subject, which is something happening.

The face on this acting professional is well known to this audience since it appeared on a movie Pueto pam (Ivn Herrera, 2015), about his sympathetic interpretation of the tiger called Cacheo.

Sierra returns to a street, ‘s neighborhood, to a violence that represents a low world on the popular sectors on Santo Doming or, it is in, a second production about Urrutia, with one that, in the same way as about his first film, Cdigo Paz (2014), handles a story set about this world of the Crmen.

In it Sierra plays the Manuel Mena, who on a neighborhood will be known as Patrn, while as an agent on a police, he has been one of those in charge of eliminating the criminals that sony ericsson has passed over a line with these, as it is popularly said, are hot.

In conversation scam this newspaper, this professional, graduated from a National School on Dramatic Art (ENAD) on 2006, explained a process about a construction on this role, for this one, I learned a lot about real people, who I met. Among them, corrupt agents about a criminal police in the neighborhood with.

One of the details that he copied from the latter, for his interpretation of Patrn, was the fact that, despite that these were capable of killing with cold blood, the children on the street with disadvantage also showed sensitivity, whom they urged to study and be better. Sierra is also, he did a medical degree, ‘s referring to a specialty that he would have liked to do with, no doubt he says that he is a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists bring people out of hell, he says, as he considers mental illnesses to be the worst ailments that human beings can experience.

+ Characterization

Although he understands each acting job as a challenge, what he enjoys most about this art is the characterization, when he must lose weight or gain weight, or having to use makeup, to get to reflect as best as possible the role he plays. This has only been done in theatrical pieces, such as Ladies’ Orchestra, one that featured a woman in, or in First Poison: Jack’s Lightning (Taba Blanchard, 2018).

For the recreation of Manuel-Patrn, he has not had to make use of those elements, but he did use all the gestures and introspective work that the character required. And in this interpretive work, he had to be next to the Mexican Damin Alczar, the actor who Sierra has a lot of with ‘s that he considers about the best about Latin America admiration.

That is why, that explains that when he did the Alczar scam scenes, he felt doubly challenged, because he must be at the height of this actor, who has participated in local productions such as Mosh, by Juan Antonio Bison, and the series Rubirosa, about Hugo Rodríguez Carlos Moreno with.

+ About the film

Carta Blanca had its gala premiere this Monday in the theaters of Caribbean Cinemas Downtown Center, and in which the actors involved in the film were present.

Among them the Mexican Julio Bracho and the Puerto Rican rapper Tempo. Similarly, the Dominicans Hctor Anbal, Dalisa Alegra, Ramn Emilio Candelario, Vlad Sosa, Soraya Pina, Gerardo Mercedes El Cuervo, Liondy Ozoria, Emile Mariani, Rafael Estephan, Enrique Quailey, Anderson Humor, among others.

The original script is authored by Urrutia himself, produced by 1 Alliance with the distribution of Carribbean Films Submission with.

Carta Blanca, which tells the story of a policeman (Manuel Mena) who lives between two worlds, doing justice with his hands trying to make that same zero environment perish with.

reach the movie theaters of the Dominican Republic after his projection at international festivals: Philadelphia Independent, JellyFest, NYLFF, and the DFF.

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