New legal battle? They assure Julin Gil owes 14 thousand dollars of alimony to Marjorie de Sousa

Julin Gil could be facing a lawful battle with his ex-partner Marjorie de Sousa after it is revealed that the actor has allegedly not paid alimony for the son they have in common, Matas Gil.

According to the Release the Soup program, the actor simply has not paid child support for over a year and the sum will amount to 14 thousand dollars.

Although the program has tried to speak with the actor or his lawyer, at the moment neither has commented on it. For her part, the Venezuelan has not said anything about the issue either.

In past decades, De Sousa was harshly criticized by Alicia Machado, who inside about an actuality seal the actress for simply not leaving Let Julin see and live with his youngest son.

Simply do not take away the right of your son to have that person. That cannot happen, it would be a child’s right, neither yours nor his. That has been a base as a person. Just as for me the greatest baseness that a man can do would be to hit a woman, for me the greatest baseness that a lady can do, has been to try to manipulate or detain a man by force with a child, he said about it. .

The villain on The Soulless answered Alicia and all the people who try to discredit her in some way. Nobody knows the shoes that I had to put on everything I had to do to get ahead and, and I bless her, when life above others is an example for me, I will take it into account and I will pay attention and when they are things that do not matter to me, Well come on! I’ll retire, I added.

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