Anuel AA: the kiss he did not give to a fan

Anuel AA is in the mouth of the farndula. The fault was the kiss he did not give a fanatic. The Puerto Rican urban interpreter rejected the lips of a fan and was recorded in an audiovisual material that quickly went viral on social networks.

The rejection did not go down well with many of his followers, who complained to him The action, recorded last Monday at the Manuel Petaca Iguina Coliseum in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where he attended a basketball game.

Anuel was in the coliseum when the young Raissa Gurrola Laguna approached him. I approached to ask him for a photo, which he accepted, but she wanted something else and tried to kiss him, to which this singer quickly dodged her, turning on her side.

Before what happened, the bodyguards on Anuel took him away from the young woman, while this sony ericsson was scam face about disappointment.

Then came the criticism against a reggaeton with him, about good humor, I learned apology: I give my life for my fans I swear to you but call an ambulance I’m here dying laughing. The internet is still inviting !!!!!!! To this fan I am sorry for putting this my love I love you, but I had to post it !!!!!! “. fame “sony ericsson took it on a joke with the urban exponent answered: I hope zero fail next time, he wrote.

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