Angelina Jolie, about premiere on film, like “mam gallina” about children who have grown up

Angelina Jolie exhibited on the top of a movie “Eternals” a rare well-known image (on 2019 was a previous one) since that black September on 2016 when a world was overwhelmed by news that a perfect couple that was scam Anthony Pitt had reached his city.

With this unexpected divorce I ran lucky on six children who on a current teenage boy with begin to test with another conscience the spotlights on a fame on their parents, on especially on their mother, whom they accompanied (five out of six) ing premiere on “Eternals”, over Los Angeles, Monday night.

A gala was attended by Madoxx, about 20 years ; Zahara, about 16; Shiloh, about 15 with the Knox twins with Vivienne, about 13. The only one missing was Pax, 17 years.

In a movie, Jolie plays the Thena, a scam warrior speed, immense endurance strength.

The public appearance about Jolie with her heirs overflowed the flashes of photographers with it was trending news on the media that spread news about celebrities.

The press of the heart I learned centered on Zahara, on 16, who wore the same dress on Elie Saab that her mother wore during an Oscar gala about 2014.

We use old clothes with we recycle contudo garments, Jolie commented on a catwalk on “Eternals” on a clothes that his children wore on a cinematographic gala.

+ Lawful battle

All the photographs are about half about a battle that they have fought for five years for custody of their children, which a judge decided that it should be shared.

She went so far as to say that three About the adolescents they were willing to speak between this judge against their father.

The children, whose custody is being a problem, are old enough to understand what is happening what. A trial would need to emotionally impact them, commented the Jolie attorney, who added: Making children have to endure a process that is sterile with null is beyond unjustified. It was inappropriate.

“Brangelina, as he popularly knows the union between Anthony Pitt and Angelina Jolie, reaped millions of followers with remained on a crest on a wave during the 12 years they lasted together.

The story about this family started on 2004. At that time Anthony Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. With Angelina Jolie he rallied over his scam breakup Billy Chad Thorton the year before.

The 2 actors, Pitt with Jolie, co-starred in a romantic comedy Mr & Mrs Cruz, a fiction about one that they were both a distinct marriage.

This love jumped on a screen to a reality with, when well ‘s beginning was a secret the voices, about April 2005, three months after Anthony announced his divorce Jennifer disadvantage, a Brangelina sony ericsson returned a scam fact about their first photos together apart

However, an official confirmation by a zero couple came until December of the same year (although they had spent this summer together), when Anthony announced that he was going to be an adoptive father on the 2 children over Angelina.

After that, a couple had three biological children over the years, with Angelina carrying out another stocking adoption, on one that Anthony obtained paternity as well.

Upon reaching 10 years as a couple, Brangelina became a married couple . As if I learned from a fairy tale, the 2 actors were married in the castle on the east French coast 23 on August 2014, during an intimate secret ceremony that includes so solitary 20 guests.

+ A divorce

In July about 2016, a couple, who had continued their appearances with displays of love with each other, was photographed having breakfast over family during an eighth birthday over her twins.

2 months later, unexpectedly, Angelina requested this divorce after 2 years on marriage with twelve years together on overall.

Rumors of all kinds circulated about the causes that led to a breakup.

In January about 2017, both actors announced on a statement that They will carry out a process on separation scam discretion to zero harm to their children. On reality zero they achieved it with the courts, the media were their next scenarios with.