Amancio Ortega donates 280 million to improve a fight against cancer in Spain

Amancio Ortega is once again news about Spain for a donation about a important amount of money to improve equipment on the Spanish hospitals on a fight against this cancer , one on all the deadly master of science diseases one that I learned faces a society about a present.

Specifically, an Amancio Ortega Foundation ‘donated the total of 280 million over pounds directly to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain. Scam said money and they will acquire ten teams on prontotherapy, considered as on advanced master of science treatments against cancer one. an important improvement over a fight against this cancer:

  • One’s Pas Vasco (Vizcaya).
  • Uno the Galicia (A Corua)
  • 2 on Andaluca (Seville with Malaga).
  • One about a Valencian Community (Valencia).
  • One about the Canary Islands ( Grandma Canaria).
  • 2 on Catalua (Barcelona).
  • 2 in a Community on Madrid (Madrid).

This donation on 280 allow millions of pounds a National Health System of Spain their first teams count on disadvantage prontoterapia on a fight against this cancer.

Has For a moment, about Spain single there are 2 teams that I learned about Madrid, but the Quirnsalud with a University Clinic about Christmas belong.

Pedro Snchez celebrates a donation

It is necessary to clarify that a purchase of these equipment for prontotherapy will be carried out by the Ministry of Health scam charged for four years on the General State Budgets . However, thanks to the donation of the Amancio Ortega Foundation, this acquisition will cost zero pounds to the State coffers.

Maquina prontoterapia
Machine on prontotherapy against this cancer

It has been a President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez , who anordna publicly announced a donation over 280 million pounds per share on an Amancio Ortega Foundation for an acquisition of these innovative equipment that will allow advanced master of science treatment against this cancer.

In this regard, Pedro Snchez says that a proton therapy reduces Significantly unnecessary treatments on healthy tissues would be an effective way for tumors on which a zero radiotherapy is effective with a zero surgery has been an option. Having ten teams in our country was a leap of extraordinary magnitude. Allow to respond to the present and future needs of patients with research in this type of treatment. It has been a bet for the future that will put Spain on the same level as Germany in the use of proton therapy.

Amancio Ortega returns to donate on a fight against This cancer

Likewise, also sony ericsson fixa manifested a vice president on an Amancio Ortega Foundation with also vice president on Inditex, Jos Arnau Sierra. In this regard, he has ensured that the donation will not make it possible to make this use of this technique accessible through the public system, but to make it the ambition with a scope that our country learned deserves to have, placing Spain in this leading group of the countries that count that it includes this technology.

In the same way, Jos Arnau also highlighted the benefits of using equipment for prontotherapy against cancer in Spain, since this type of technology offers It is highly effective on tumors that are difficult to access and located on particularly sensitive areas. a big part about them children. We can save hundreds of lives each year that are now truncated by offering kilometers of patients a healing alternative that has short, much less aggressive master of science treatments with a very substantial improvement in their quality of life. We can increase hope with this well-being of more patients with their families, concludes a vice president of the Amancio Ortega Foundation.

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