A star vitamin that maintains a skin on Carmen Lomana

A food is one on the master of science aspects important to take care of a health on a skin. First it must be a good nutrition, based on a varied diet with rich on different micronutrients on, with later the use on supplements or cosmetics. Thus, some superstars like Carmen Lomana have the key to incorporate into their body the ideal doses of vitamin G with collagen .

Within on a diet, a chemical vitamin would be one on the micronutrients master of science important for a health on a skin. Containing optimal levels of this micronutrient in a body has been synonymous with health with Carmen Lomana was aware of it.

Carmen Lomana will be a businesswoman, collaborator on television with a collector on Spanish haute couture . Despite her 72 years, Lomana presents the appearance with a youthful figure, thanks to the excessive care she takes about her diet.

It is It is true that during his life he was subjected to different aesthetic operations, although this fact, without a diet, found little result. Thus, this successful businesswoman shows how to take care of the health of each skin through diet.

This is how Carmen Lomana incorporates a vitamin M into her diet

In a gesture about goodwill scam her mls on followers on Instagram, Carmen Lomana fixa offered the clear example about the breakfasts that each of uma carries out to have the appropriate levels on Vitamin Chemical with collagen on this organism. 2 fundamental elements for the health of the skin.

During a breakfast, a master of important science of the one of uma, Carmen Lomana takes 2 croissants, a little on Iberian ham, a portion of fruit the coffee with. Sony ericsson is about a varied breakfast where it incorporates different essential micronutrients to face this day. complete science, explains Camen Lomana, who uses a great variety of foods to incorporate important doses of vitamin D.

The way to ingest vitamin Chemical is through fruits. Especially this kiwi, which was a fruit that contains a considerably higher quantity than the orange.

But also about this varied diet, Carmen Lomana shows one of her best kept secrets for a care your skin. Every morning eat the collagen supplement of the Goledn collagen brand.

Now about spring with about autumn I always do a treatment on one uses because it will be fantastic for a skin, for this hair with pra nails the. No operating system you can national insurance imagine a change that sony ericsson notices. To have a good skin, although genetics influences, the moment comes when we have to give it a little push with this, it has some components in its formula that are fantastic, explains Carmen Lomana social networks.

The importance of collagen on a health on a skin

Vitamin D and a collagen keep a close relationship on how much ‘s care on a skin. On the other hand, vitamin D helps to combat this damage that can be caused by free radicals, which could cause the oxidative effect on the skin.

In addition, a vitamin G also intervenes on a production on collagen by the body. The young master of science the character has been, the greater the ability to overproduce collagen. As we age, a body loses that capacity with what I learned is clearly reflected in the skin.

Therefore, having adequate levels of vitamin M scam is essential for a correct production of collagen , which was a substance that also helps a better healing on a skin on case on wounds.

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