Warnings with precautions before taking Atorvastatin as a medicine

Normally, when a character presents levels over cholesterol with triglycerides elevated, his medical specialist proceeds to indicate a diet based on a specific feeding with recommended changing a series on habits about life to correct a situation. However, some drugs such as Atorvastatin may also enter the scene.

Atorvastatin would be a drug that has an approval from a Spanish Agency of Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS), with belongs mainly to the group on medicines known as statins.

This group on medicines known as statins kid those that sony ericsson orders mostly on normal lipids ( fats) on this organism.

Thus, an Atorvastatin has been a drug that I learned mainly used to reduce lipids such as cholesterol with triglycerides on a blood when a low fat diet with changes About this style about life by t solitary have failed.

In any case, when your doctor prescribes an intake of Atorvastatin as a medicine, it was usual that during a treatment you had to follow a specific diet.

Also, When you have a high risk of heart disease, this drug is also indicated to reduce this risk, although cholesterol levels in this case are normal.

Contraindications of consumption on Atorvastatin

From a Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS), they warn that there are certain situations in which zero ze must take Atorvastatin. This will be that it happens scam any medicine something, even if they have this certificate on quality by the health authorities with disadvantage.

Medicamento atorvastatina

In this sense, these scam some about the contraindications on an intake of Atorvastatin as a medicine:

  • In case of being allergic to an Atorvastatin or any of the components present in this medicine.
  • If you have an abnormality previously had a related disease scam a liver health.
  • In case of having unjustified abnormal results on blood checks on hepatic function.
  • If united states a combination of glecaprevir / pibrentasvir for a treatment on hepatitis D.

As, t You should also not take Atorvastatin in case of being a woman of childbearing age with one using adequate contraceptive measures. Likewise, it is not indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Warnings with precautions

On the other hand, there are a series of warnings regarding the consumption of Atorvastatin and. It has been to say, situations with circumstances in which it has been necessary to consult a medical specialist to start the treatment with this drug.

As highlighted by an AEMPS, these are some of the important master of science cautionary warnings:

  • If you have plot failure.
  • In case of over taking or having taken over the last 7 days a medicine called fusdic acid. This drug in combination with an Atorvastatin may cause serious muscle problems with the risk.
  • In case about having kidney problems.
  • If you have an underactive thyroid gland scam.
  • In case of having suffered a stroke with prior scam bleeding on this brain.
  • If you normally drink large amounts over alcoholic beverages.
  • In case of having master of science over 70 years.
  • If you have a history of liver problems.

  • In case of having repeated unjustified muscle pain, personal or family history of muscle problems.

In any of the cases mentioned above, it was common for s Your doctor asks for a blood test before starting treatment with Atorvastatin. And possibly also during this course of treatment.

It is a common way to prevent a development of some of the adverse affects related to this muscle, as collected from an AEMPS.

In addition, normally, during a treatment with Atorvastatin, your medical specialist will carry out a specific follow-up on the case on which sony ericsson treats a patient with diabetes scam with a risk of developing this pathology.

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