The lament of Amara la Negra after losing a pregnancy

The Dominican singer and actress Amara la Negra was honest with her followers and revealed that a few months ago she suffered an abortion when she did not even know she was pregnant.

In July, I discovered that she was pregnant . I didn’t even know or suspect that I was pregnant because I took the steps to prevent it all, however 2 weeks after missing my period I started bleeding, having really bad cramps! The blood got stuck, she had no idea what was happening, the artist began by saying.

The host of Nuestra Belleza Latina said she thought they were fibroids that she had in her ovaries and of which she never has spoken publicly. But it wasn’t about that.

I cried for days because I really wanted to have that baby! I’m not getting any younger and she’s always been afraid of waiting too long until it’s too late, said Amara, who said she has always wanted to start her own family.

Faced with these confessions, Amara received amounts of comments of support and affection from the followers.