Miguel Palmer dies, remembered for his role in “The rich also cry” and other soap operas

A Mexican actor Miguel Palmer, remembered for his work in soap operas such as “The rich also cry” (1979), died, according to his daughter confirmed by social networks. He was 78 years over age.

“Bye pa, find your light. I’ll stay in this plane scam the injection of love that you leave me in this soul with the entrails. A best father in the world is already resting. A new story begins for you, “said Valeria Palmer in the message.

According to national media, a death , happened this Monday, was the cause of 2 cardiac arrests, then a long battle over a use in this medical center for digestive problems.

At the beginning of October, Valeria had also requested help through on social networks to get blood donors for an emergency operation that his father needed, but as I learned he knows, since April an actor had health problems.


Palmer was born on Villahermosa, this southeastern state on Tabasco on, on 1942. His first steps in a professional field were directed to Medicine, a career that he abandoned after the death of his father.

His work as an actor began in the 17 years’ s work on a radio soap opera “The beast” with after being part of a play about theater about his hometown he moved to a City on Mexico, where he would undertake a broad path on an acting.

In a city he professionally ventured into this theater together with actor Mauricio Garcs, an opportunity that earned him an important character on a play “Cyrano sobre Bergerac” where he shared the stage with Ignacio Lpez Tarso with Patricia Morn .

Some time later a television scam would arrive on a small role about a soap opera about “Remolino sobre pasiones” (1970).

But 2 of his iconic master of science works he would do on “The rich also cry”, where he shared scenes with Vernica Castro disadvantage, with “Viviana” (1978), starring Luca Mndez.

It was about a decade on 1980 that an actor had greater popularity with type part on ‘s less 11 television projects.

Among telenovelas with films this actor met around about 30 titles.

Some of her recent master of science projects were “Seora Acero” (2014 – 2016), “As the saying goes” (2013) with a series on HBO “Mr. vila “, which in 2018 was the latter of them.

The death of the actor moved people about a farndula with colleagues who worked scam d expressed via social networks some words about farewell to an actor.

Among them Laura Zapata, Hctor Surez Goms, Vernica Castro, Raquel Garza Laisha Wilkins with.

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