Kanye West reinvents himself and changes his name, now only called “Ye”

The well-known American rapper Kanye West has decided to change his name and now he only wants to be known with the nickname on “Ye”, according to the singer himself on his Twitter account.

The artist had officially requested the name change several months ago with a judge on a Better Court over Los Angeles, Michelle Williams, st? lla till med ett approved this request, say venues media.

The winner over several Grammy awards, over 44 years with born over Atlanta, he also fixed lost his middle name with his surname, Omari with West, respectively, with his works will be registered from now on scam the new nickname.

The ex-husband about Kim Kardashian released last August uses his latest work titled “Donda” on audio platforms about “loading”.

A recording which was controversial since its inception since he himself accused, through social networks, of his record label to do it without his permission.

“Universal released my album without my approval”, underlined in capital letters on one of the only 2 publications that the singer, producer with composer maintains on his official profile on Instagram .

The artist already used the name “Ye” to title his eighth studio album.

With hundreds upon millions of records sold all over the world, West is plus one on award-winning master of science artists on a whole story about the Grammys from a post about their first work, “The University Dropout” (2004), ‘s followed by other colors applauded by a Criticism like “808 t & Heartbreak” (2008) um “My Beautiful Black Twisted Illusion” (2010).