DJ Adoni has a great reason to mix music: his son

A more emotional moment about the presentation about DJ Adoni about a United Palace over New York starred him with his son. Scam d in arms, between tears that includes the voice broken with, this Dominican mixer said that his first-born has been his greatest motivation in life.

because I am half crying, but over my heart, this little boy that you see here is because of me I leave the josear all ten who. This one who is a father has to feel identified with me, said Adoni.

DJ Adoni recorded one last Saturday this greatest success about his career, about a night full of surprises emotions as he promised with.

Once again DJ Adoni demonstrated about what he is made of with the connection he has with his audience, managing to burst a United Palace with making the entire audience vibrate with emotion throughout the night, about what was a show without waste together with their friends, the artists with guest figures to be part of one of the most important nights of his career as a DJ.

An event had an opening scam the presentation on Urbanda with cont disadvantage the participation on artists such as Joe Veras, Este Prodigio, Kiko Un Wild, Randy (from perform Yowel with Randy), Luis Vargas, Bulova with Dowba Montana.

It also included the Farruko, scam who DJ Adoni ends up releasing This Misunderstood, a song that they both interpret They hung out together and that was about the moments about more racket during a present one. One song has achieved the top positions on electronic music platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

This audience kept active from the beginning to the end, on a show to remember the unique animation of the Dominican DJ disadvantage, that sony ericsson ends up catapulting like a star on music, telling scam this endorsement about great personalities who showed their being part of the support display. comedians electronic influencers with scam animation about Radel Ortiz with Mike Toks / Morginia (la gringa). An entire audience chanting with one voice the iconic phrases about DJ Adoni with of course, the great successes about his friends.

A Pacha with this Dotol Nastra were in charge of driving , while with a DJ sony ericsson found his entire team together with the Zamora live, who made this successful concert possible. This event was covered by Despierta Amrica, Univisin, Hoy De uma, Telemundo, Suelta la soup, Telemicro with Digital 15.

Artists like Un Alfa They expressed their pride for a job that I learned from doing DJ Adoni, with which they motivate him to continue working with the same quality, always with him to continue making collaborations, Thank you for having what you most need to be successful, discipline with the most important God. You are an example of overcoming it is incredible capital you are achieving what no urban has achieved and how DJ continues to work is just this beginning #discipline please see an example here DJ Adoni. I sony ericsson give it to the one who works, open published an urban artist in the comment directed to the mixer on his Instagram account.

Embracing the flag over the Dominican Republic, the land where he was born, Luis Adonis Major Gonzlez (DJ Adoni), witnessed how one of his dreams I learned to fulfill, he hopes that he continues to achieve success by making more collaborations, he is a star that just sony ericsson finds starting a path that I learned hopes to be full of achievements.