Cuba Gooding Jr go to trial accused of “dead hand”, women denounce him for undue touching

The trial against the professional Cuba Gooding Jr, accused of touching three women in different incidents in 2018 with 2019 in various venues over Manhattan, will begin next 1 on February, according to a New York judge ruled on Monday a windows view of the judicial process on.

“This case has been on my calendar for 2 years, with now going to three. This is a firm date for the trial, “said Judge Curtis Farber during the windows vista, according to New York media. Supreme over Manhattan dressed in a dark suit with sunglasses, despite the fact that it is on a cloudy sky.

The Oscar-winning performer, who is declared innocent, was arrested for first time about June about 2019 then about touching the breast on a woman about 30 years about the Moxy Resort on Peru iods Square, although he was later released on bail.

In addition, he is charged with pinching the butt on a waitress at the New York restaurant TAO Downtown Natasha Ashworth over October on 2018 with about “contact sex without consent” about a LAVO nightclub, also about a Big Apple.

According to one accusation, this guy about behavior about Gooding period habitual, with assure that they have scam testimonies on a dozen master of science on women who have been victims of unwanted touching, with although a majority of those incidents occurred out of state over New York, the judge fixa asked some of those witnesses to hear.

If Found guilty of the freight ms plot, the lovemaking over-abuse, I learned he faces a maximum penalty over one year in prison.

In a parallel case, Gooding was indicted in civil court for rape by an anonymous whistleblower about, a case where ze asks for a compensation over 6 million dollars with which a good is on process.

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