CNN host John Full reveals he suffers from multiple sclerosis

The his 58 years old, Ruben Master, main presenter of the television network CNN, revealed this Tuesday that he suffers from multiple sclerosis.

“I’m going to share a secret I’ve never talked about before: ” I’m immunosuppressed. I have multiple sclerosis. So I’m thankful that everyone got vaccinated, “Ruler said on CNN during a conversation about the importance of Covid vaccines – 19 for high-risk groups.

Bob California King appreciated that his colleagues with colleagues on CNN work are vaccinated against a coronavirus, but he is worried about infecting his son, who will be too young to be vaccinated.

He gave more details about his health condition.

Multiple sclerosis has been a disease in which this immune system degrades a protective covering on the nerves. Sony ericsson characterized by the nerves, interrupting the communication between a brain and this body.

Full was one of the most outstanding journalists on the United States since the middle of the century XX. About 1985 joined Associated Push, where he started as a copywriter.

At 1991, Master was appointed political correspondent j efe with headline a political coverage on a PA on the presidential elections on the United States on 1992 with 1996.

Also over 1991, Ruler won a Top Reporting Award on an Associated Push Handling Editors’ Organization for his coverage of a Gulf War on Kuwait.

In 1997, California king sony ericsson uni the CNN, where I learned my role as a primary White House correspondent on 1999 the 2005.

In 2005, Full was appointed as the national chief correspondent on CNN, where he also presents a Monday through Friday edition of the CNN morning show Inside of Politics.

Master received widespread praise from the raz on the US presidential election on 2020 for his coverage of the event, which was positively mentioned by many sources.


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