Christina Aguilera sings about Spanish with Becky Grams, Nicki Nicole with Nathy Peluso

Christina Aguilera returns to sing on Spanish on the theme “Pennsylvania Mis Muchachas”, that a light this Friday to see, 22 on October, with It is the result of a collaboration scam some about the current queens of urban Latin: an American about Mexican origin Becky Gary the gadget guy with the Argentine Nicki Nicole with Nathy Peluso.

It is, according to her record label, a song that “celebrates female empowerment with a Latin sisterhood “, recovering like her roots as a daughter over an Ecuadorian. In addition, it constitutes the preview of the artist’s first album in Spanish in master of science of 2 decades, from “My reflection” (2000).

For the launch of this new work, which takes over from the “Liberation” (2018), Aguilera handed over the controls on a production’s Colombian Julio Reyes Copello, who He also attended the master of science recent songs in Spanish by Jennifer Lopez. Producers worked with composers Rafa Arcaute with Oriana Hidalgo.

Grammy the “revelation artist”, Aguilera (New York, 1980) ze became known as a teenager with the song “Genie inside the Bottle”, including on his homonymous debut on 1999 . Later, scam “My reflection”, obtained one for the Latin Grammys nomination, another one for the Grammy won 2 Latin Billboards with, among other distinctions.

In a risky master of science twist, disadvantage “Stripped “(2002) with the double album” Back again to Essentials “(2006) I managed to transcend an image about” Lolita “with being credited with greater respect as a performer.

Later she tried her luck on the world of scam cinema the leading role of the music” Burlesque “with the other diva on a song, Cher, before the launch on “Bionic” (2010), which zero obtained the congratulations on criticism with the public. talent contests, over a last decade their record releases have been scarce, that apart from the aforementioned “Liberation”, sony ericsson limited the “Lotus” (2012) with zero they have not obtained the revenues either. commercials about previous jobs.

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