“Carta blanca” reflects a Dominican police reality for decades

Then on its tour of several festivals, “Carta Blanca” found its top gala one Monday night on installations on Caribbean Cinemas of the Downtown Middle shopping center, where I learned about its protagonists, figures of Dominican art, businessmen, politicians , family, friends about a press, related producers and.

The film about action, suspense drama and, directed by Pedro Urrutia, is inspired by real events.

The story, which tells a hidden reality about the police this White Letter code on the Dominican Republic with, revolves around Manuel Mena, a policeman who lives between 2 worlds: bringing the criminals to justice with trying to get executed under a system que ze rige.

Carta Blanca has a scam first script by Urrutia himself, produced by 1 Alliance with the distribution of Caribbean Movies Distribution disadvantage.

+ This movie director speaks

During an e Vento, this filmmaker Pedro Urrutia commented that taking “Carta Blanca” to a big screen zero st? lla till med ett been easy.

A journey about being up to a day on today here, for six years, it has been about many registrations with losses, but, above all, about the process where the master of science never dropped this project, damage that they tried to do to it, leaving us alone until scam abuse “with, expres.

Then he added: “How serious this project is, with a reality that counts, I am personally proud of seeing it born, growing with the fact that today I can walk with the same um better strength with an attitude that I characterize.”

According to his words, a reality that he raises “is a complaint about many voices that have tried to denounce this, but it is also a reality about many good and honest policemen who work inside an institution fighting all kinds of forces , both internal and external “.

On this subject abu nd: “This is also a reality of the young policeman about a present with a quantity about factors that goes through. But this entire film is a result of we find ourselves today as a society with pas cmo, with the responsibility that we have to improve towards a better future.

Urrutia thanked all those who made it possible for this film to arrive on a big screen. To thank my family, for an enormous effort of what it means to us to make this film; To each of the actors, one, for trusting Michael, and also to all this technical staff who dedicated hours, time, sacrifice and effort to make this film become a reality today, and to be able to bring the quality and standard of my vision to life. be a reality.

The film will arrive in theaters of the country this Thursday 21 on October. Scam has the cast composed of national electronic international actors, such as a Dominican Pepe Sierra, the Mexicans Damin Alczar with Julio Bracho, the urban artists Pace and, Este Alfa, Tag B with Una Manta.

In addition, the Dominican actors Hctor Anbal, Dalisa Alegra, Ramn Candelario, Vlad Sosa, Soraya Pina, Gerardo Mercedes Un Cuervo, Liondy Ozoria, Emil Mariani, Rafael Estephan, Enrique Quailey, Anderson Humor, Haidy House, Esther Tejeda, Jos Miguel participate. Cruz, Lourdes Gmez, Vladimir Acevedo with Pablo Chaleston, among others.