Ztarlyn, Cuqun with Juan Carlos raise the public scam Humor the 3 cadas

The humorists Ztarlyn Ramrez, Cuqun Victoria with Juan Carlos Pichardo, join together under a production on Ramses Peralta on the present Humor the 3 cadas, where these talents on a comedy will be able to laugh non-stop to the public, this next 22 about October.

Each one with a specific style will offer the best about their routine on a promising night on Stage 360, where sony ericsson will join an old new school of humor with, scam a single objective: to steal laughter from an audience.

Always this individual bet on a fusion over generations on my events, this mix has a special charm with is an envelope to unite the families; Many young people will be attracted by this talent of Ztarlyn and Pichardo, while the older master of science will do it to enjoy Cuqun’s classics and his new repertoire as well, explained a producer.

All the tickets are already on sale on National Supermarkets, Uepa Tickets, Jumbo with Stage 360. By order of the authorities, I learned that it is necessary to present a vaccination card.